How Important Is The Role Of Property Settlement Agent

If you are into regular buying and selling of real estate properties then it is quite likely that you would have some basic understanding about the roles and responsibilities of property settlement agent. Unlike purchase and sale of other movable and immovable assets when it comes to real estate buying and selling there are some unique steps that one should go through.

Most of these steps have legal, statutory and compliance related aspects to it and therefore it has to be done carefully and within a time bound period. Since there are many stakeholders involved in the entire process the entire job of property settlement has to be handed over the professionals. This is because even if one of the stakeholders fails to discharge their responsibilities, then there is a risk of the entire transaction falling through.

Let us now look at the various roles and responsibilities of a property settlement company. As mentioned above their main task is to ensure that the various formalities are gone through efficiently and quickly so that the property ownership transfer can happen smoothly. There are many professionals whose roles are important in the whole settlement process. At the outset you must understand that as a customer you would do better to hire their services instead of trying to do it on your own. This is very important because if you are inexperienced and try your hand at it, is quite likely that you will trip and fall by the wayside. The process of getting up again and rectifying the mistakes might be too long and you might lose the transaction altogether.

The roles of property lawyers and attorneys is very important because they help in looking up the property from the legal angle and ensure that the seller is the rightful and complete owner of the property that he is planning to sell. They make sure that the property is free from encumbrances, covenants and other such problems. Further there is also the role of property valuers and appraiser whose role is to give a correct picture regarding the fair market value of the property. Documentation specialists also have a big role to play. They draft the various property buying and selling agreements and ensure that it is executed at the right place at the right time. The entire process of property settlement comes to an end only when the property is transferred from the seller to the buyer and the seller gets the right consideration for it.

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The commission also approved a sign application for Citizens Bank on Alexandria Pike.
Property bids opened The city received and opened two bids Tuesday to sell 1.23 acres of vacant land it owns at 68-A Oby Drive. The two residents who submitted bids to purchase the land, which abuts their properties, are Russell Holloway, $1,601.00 and Seaward Padilla, $11,888. This set up together, draws in real estate property purchasers and dealers which develops an extraordinary system of individuals offering and purchasing and spots all of them in one spot. Get Best Conveyancers or Solicitiors from CITY NAME conveyancing Solutions. City council will review the bids at its 7 p.m. caucus meeting on Monday , at the Independence Senior Center, 2001 Jacks Woods Parkway, said City Clerk Pat Taney. Council may take action on the bids at its regular meeting on July 7, at the Kenton County Courthouse, 5272 Madison Pike, Taney said.

Animal control
City council will decide whether to approve a resolution to authorize Mayor Ed Schroeder to enter into an interlocal agreement with the Kenton County Dog Authority to provide animal control services during its 7 p.m. meeting today, , at the city’s Senior Center, 808 Elm Street. Council also will hold a first reading on an ordinance to establish a budget for fiscal year 2003-2004, said Clerk-Treasurer Paul Weekly.

New training tower
City council is expected to pass a resolution to award a contract to construct a new $175,000 three-story, steel fire training tower next to its public works garage on Martha Comer Drive at its 5:15 p.m. meeting today at the Municipal Building, 216 Bridge St. Construction is expected to be completed by October, said City Manager Dennis Redmond. The facility will serve as an educational training tool for the city’s fire department and about 16 volunteer fire departments in the region, Redmond said. A $100,000 state Fire Marshal Office grant will pay for the majority of the project and the city will pay the balance out of its general fund monies, he said.

Federal assistance
Congressman Ken Lucas’ field representative, Wes Wright, will meet with residents of Mason County at 10 a.m. on June 24, at the county’s Judge/Executive’s office at 219 Stanley Reed Court. Residents who may need federal assistance or who would like to offer input on any federal issue are invited.When in Newport, do as the Romans do — at least for this weekend. The city will celebrate everything Italian this weekend during its 12th annual Italian fest. The event begins Thursday evening on Riverboat Row and runs through Sunday. Visitors to the festival can expect a plentiful offering of Italian music, food and history.

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“During rush hours, it is nearly impassible and is a safety hazard because of truck congestion and deterioration due to the large volume,” Bunning said in brief remarks before the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs. Mineta appeared before the committee for a hearing on reauthorization of the Public Transportation Assistance Program. He did not react to Bunning’s remarks about the bridge funds.Bunning and other members of Kentucky’s congressional delegation are seeking $100 million in next year’s federal budget to repair or replace the bridge, which carries Interstates 71 and 75 over the Ohio River. If approved, the money would cover pre-construction costs, such as design and utility relocation. “Because I-71 and I-75 are major north-south interstates, this is truly a national project,” Bunning said.

Kentucky and Ohio are united in their support for a replacement bridge, Bunning said, “but we must have federal assistance and soon to ensure that a suitable replacement is constructed before the Brent Spence Bridge becomes unusable.”

In addition to the pre-construction funds, the delegation is asking that another $67 million be budgeted in each of the next six years to pay for actual construction. Northern Kentucky is getting lost in a good book club. Book clubs are springing up throughout Campbell, Boone and Kenton counties. Most of the clubs meet in community branch libraries. One book club, however, is based at a hospital and another meets at a seniors’ high-rise apartment building.Club members discuss different books each month. “We try to pick at least one classic a year and also select both fiction and non-fiction,” said Elizabeth Wiegand, a librarian who coordinates book club meetings at the Carrico Branch Library in Fort Thomas. In property conveyancing, the costs that you essentially need to pay are separated into two classifications: the lawful expenses and the conveyancing charges. Meetings are “pretty casual,” said Wiegand, “but sometimes we get off the subject and have a very lively discussion because there are not many shy people in the group.”

Although the ages of club members vary widely, many are seniors. “I am retired, and one of my major recreations is reading,” said Joe Minogue, 78, a member of book clubs at the Carrico and Cold Spring branch libraries. Librarians say the clubs are becoming increasingly popular. “The book club seems to be the most popular of our adult programs, and has really caught on,” said Jeff DeVaughan, reference librarian at the Cold Spring branch. Librarian Carrie Herrmann coordinates four book clubs in Boone County — Chick Picks, Best of the Best, Real Men Read and Chapter and Verse.

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The Mayerson Student Philanthropy Program, a partnership with NKU, is the first of its kind in the United States. In the past two years, 296 NKU students, in a variety of classes ranging from art to persuasive speech to sports marketing, have decided which nonprofit groups received a total of $80,000 of foundation money. The Conveyancing solutions provide dedicated staff do nothing else but conveyancing. So far, 58 groups, ranging from the Marguerite Robinson YMCA of Northernm Kentucky to the Society for the Advancement of Reforming Felons, have received grants ranging from $1,000 to $4,000.

“Sixth Street Elementary School in Covington usually only has a few dollars for art supplies, but when our students awarded the school $2,000 to buy art supplies, the art teacher was in heaven,”says Joan Ferrante, an NKU sociology professor who helps run the project. Evans, of Crittenden,says the program “is what college should be about.” “Instead of reading a book or taking a test,you see real people with real problems and the payoff is real success,” he says. “The hard part is deciding what groups don’t get money.”Rachel Whisner, an NKU junior from Cold Spring, calls the project “the best learning experience I’veever had. It’s so hands-on. We’re working with the community.” The Mayerson High SchoolCommunity Service Program encourages students to volunteer for projects that help children, theelderly, poor people and others with special needs. One project sends high school students to Over-the-Rhine for a week.

“Who knew that one simple week — six mornings and afternoons — would change my entire outlook on the future?” said Navaro, a student at all-girls Mount Notre Dame High School in Reading. “I learned to break down barriers of stereotypes I had of others and to help others break the stereotypes against me,” she said. “Our common bond, very plainly put, was love.” Angela Santel, a senior at Mount Notre Dame, admitted, “I had my doubts about going downtown to work with the homeless for a week. I felt I was not really prepared for the situations I would encounter, but the stories I heard from the people at the soup kitchen, the Drop-Inn Center and the advice I was given changed all that.